ADS-b Compliant Fleet


Gil Herrera (Chief Pilot)

Gil is a CFI who has a passion for teaching students the art of flying.  After retiring from his years of dedicated service to the Los Angeles County community, he now spends time flying a Bonanza, Baron 58 and also a Citation Mustang.  He holds an ATP rating and is a CFII & MEI.

Carl Miller

Carl has countless years of experience in multiple airplanes.  He has established a impressive list of accomplished pilots who started their career with Carl.  Carl also holds a CFII & MEI.

Michael Marchand

Mike has recently retired from working at the LA FSDO who enjoys sharing his love for flying by teaching others to fly. He has been flying for a couple of decades and holds an ATP rating and is a CFII & MEI.

George Hopkins

George is retired El Monte Police Captain. He enjoys flying and has been flying for over 50 years. George also holds CFII certificate & MEI.

Marc Ahumada

Marc is a CFI with a career in aviation that spans more than two decades long. He too enjoys sharing his love for teaching others to fly. His background includes the C-421, Mitsubishi M-U2, just to name a couple. He holds an ATP rating and is a CFII & MEI.

Ryan Herrera

Ryan grew up around aviation and obtained his Private Pilot License at age 17. He attended MT San Antonio College and was in their flying team. He Volunteers for the Civil Air Patrol and is the commander of the El Monte Composite Squadron. He holds a CFI certificate.

Chris Farmerie

 Chris completed his flight training with SCFC and began flight instructing with us in 2019. His enjoyment from flying started at a young age from flying with his Mom. He holds a CFI certificate and is working on  his CFII. 

Jessica Wang

Jessica worked at EVA Air as a flight attendant for 4 years. In 2014, she decided to come to the United States pursuing her dream as a pilot. Now she holds a CFI & CFII certificates, and currently working on her MEI.


 Kevin started his flight training here at SCFC and has continued to trained up to his CFI. During the week he is an Aerospace engineer for Raytheon. Kevin holds his CFI certificate. 


 Art started his aviation career early on, due to his love of traveling at a young age. He now works for the airlines but continues to build his time and share his enjoyment of flying with students. Art holds his CFII & MEII. 


 Ted has spent countless flight hours in the Southern California Basin.  He obtained many of his training at our local airports.  Besides his passion for flying, Ted exercises his engineering degree during the week for Raytheon. Ted also holds a CFII & MEI certificate.  

Jorge Anaya

 Jorge has been flying for over 8 years, he started flying in high school and is now working as a first officer for the airlines. Aside from his airline job, he enjoys teaching and wants to continue spreading his passion for aviation. Jorge holds an ATP and CFI Certificate. 

Carmie Chao

 Carmi started flight instructing in 2014 and is now a Captain for the airlines and teaches in his spare time. His passion for flying has led him to instruct part-time. He holds a CFII, and ATP certificate with E170/190 and CRJ type ratings.